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A big thanks too all the horse owners that let me ride and photograph their talented animals!

Already another winter! We have a barn full of super fun (sales-)Horses with two brand new imports and Some very fun client horses, please check out the sales page for more information on them. We had a good regionals and a fun trip to KY for nationals with Goffe, Elvis and MiMi along. All held their own during probably their coldest horse show ever and we brought home some nice big ribbons. Since than MiMi successfully moved up to the PSG andI am looking forward to an FEI season with her close to home and in Welly World. You can look up our show schedule and results on the schedule page any time (it gets update more than this spot)

Gearing up for winter! The biggest new lately would be either that Sir Prize sold before we even got a chance to advertise him OR that Goffe kicked butt at region 3 finals and we get to take him to USDF national finals in KY! So very exciting, not in the least because the weather is supposed to be cool and fresh. What a change!
The snowbirds are scheduled to start arriving in the next couple of weeks and along with them two new sales horses will join the herd. Stay posted for their ads! 

Home from a successful but HOTTT show at Canterbury! Feels like summer is here for sure.. Prize felt super confident in his GP and scored 68% proving that he is understanding the concept of competing at the highest level. I am getting handier with the freestyle as well and we managed a 66% there. 
Hannah on Daegan had a tough first ride in that spooky arena, but they came back to score 65% and 64% and I am so very proud of her riding. She is giving the mare the miles and confidence she needs for a long successful show career. 
Amanda brought both her girls for their rated show debut and they definitely held their own in the open training level classes, mid 60's all around. Excited to have her as part of the show crew :) 

Finny is officially listed for sale! Contact me if you'd like to chat about this fun gelding!

Cezanne Is looking for his person! 3rd level schoolmaster best for a patient rider that will give him confidence in his surroundings. Check out his page for video and more information..

Loads and loads of stuff going on!  The new facility is starting to look like we might actually get to move in the next week or so, stall systems going in today and mirrors are up in the covered 😃😃😃
3 of the geldings sold and started their new lives all over the country. Carter stayed close by and we are so happy for him and his new owner. Very excited to see them progress and hopefully compete together on the local circuit.  Choice headed to VT to friends so also fun to be able to stay "close" and see how he comes along with Sami. Catch headed to Ohio, where he is already loved and we hope to keep getting updates from there..
We've sent in entries for regional finals, just with two horses this year in the hopes of being able to concentrate on them without getting to worn down managing a whole herd on such a big tip. 
Prize's GP freestyle came together just in time to qualify for that as well! 
Some new horses moved in, one of them is listed in the sales page, Wally, good guy that I had sold a little while back is now ready to teach his next person. Check him out if you are looking for a fun FEI schoolmaster! 
This past weekend one of the other newbies, Finny, came to the show and cleaned up scoring a 77.9% at T3 (time to move on up..) taking home two blues, a red and the giant training level champion ribbon. 

Home from a super fun and challenging weekend! Sir Prize and I had our (and his!) first go at the Grand Prix.. On Saturday we had some hick ups, especially in the piaffe (which at home goes without trouble, of course!) and than landed us a 57% with plenty motivation to do better the next day. And so we did! Much better piaffe (still will be some homework on that front) but than a tougher time with that dang zig-zag (as expected, really) earned 63% and a 3rd place. So very happy and proud of of this fun gelding!
a huge thanks of course to Connie for letting me have the ride, and the rest of the team it takes to get and keep a horse in shape to compete at this level. Farrier John Hamrick, vet Dr. Varney , the MacRider saddle fit by Henriette, lessons with Ilse Schwarz and not to forget bodywork from Sally Harvey for Prize and from Franklin Gonzales for me all played a huge part in the last few months...  On to even bigger and better dreams now!

Come have your picture taken by Dutch Pro equine photographer  Jessica Pijlman!
She will be at Crane Hill Farm December 15-19 and available for shoots, contact me to reserve your time! Great for sales pictures, christmas presents to you or loved ones, or just to have some great pictures to share and hang on your wall!
Very reasonable pricing, and the back drop at Crane Hill is gorgeous. Possibility to do farm shoots as well IF there are enough participants. 

Fabulous day shooting pics for MacRider with Jessica Pijlman!  I am very fortunate to have this great saddle brand to sponsor me and all the horses in our program. 
Jessica will be back in town and available for photo shoots mid December, please contact me if you'd like to be part of this!

Still having a blast out there!!

I am so very fortunate with all these great horses to ride! Dominic has been a fabulous mount to get miles in the Grand Prix, today our second blue ribbon :)  Sadly for me, but lucky for someone, he is now listed for sale. Please contact for more information..
Sir Prize is leading a double life, both teaching Connie and working hard to become my next GP mount. Very exciting for sure! 

What a weekend! I finally earned my last two scores for gold with Rodeo, scoring 67% and 66% and the Grand Prix with him at


the Longwood show in Ocala. A huge thank you to his owner Shelly van den Neste and a heads up to every one: this wonderful schoolmaster is offered for sale!
Besides him we have a few other new horses in the barn, some for sale and some for training. The show schedule has been crazy busy, check out the schedule page to check out upcoming shows and the results for the ones past.

Home from Regionals and Finals!
Some stiff competition in Wellington for region 3 this year, nice rides and happy with all the ponies and students. Indigo qualified for Finals so off we went to Kentucky! A cold and eventful trip, we placed 10th in FS2 and 8th in FS1, not to shabby for a little furry Gypsy dude :)
At home we've been busy with some new horses, one of whom, Valentijn, got to come along to show this weekend and won his 4-1 test with a convincing 72% and comments from the judge about his suitability to move up and compliments on his correct basics. Looking forward to see what to future holds for this cuddly boy..  Lena earned her bronze with Ursel, and right away is moving along to 4th level to work towards that silver. Ursel is such a good sport, warm up in the rain and test in a pretty dark arena. He still kicked off some fancy extentions and flashy changes.

Just received a fun update and beautiful picture from the new owner of Feuerkracher! He has started his show career with great succes at training and first level, received a high score for that show and extra compliments from the judge after the ride. Always lovely to hear positive news :)
We have entered a herd of horses and some students for regional finals, with the hope of qualifying one or more for nationals finals, fingers crossed everyone!! To help us get ready Ilse Schwarz is coming for clinincs in September, 2 weeks in a row! Contact us for more info, there are a few riding spots available and of course auditors are more than welcome.

AAAAAnd it is the middle of the hot summer. Already!
The first very hot shows are already behind us and a few more lined up. It's a sweaty kind of fun... You can find the upcoming plans and past results on the schedule page. 
Natirbov just sold this month, congratulations to Ellen and her trainer Jill on adding such a fun horse to their stable! We are looking forward to seeing you at shows in the area, it'll be fun to watch him move along up the levels.  This does leave an opening in our sales barn, so feel free to contact if interested in having your horse in full training to be sold.

Happy new year!
We have been busy busy busy!  We took Nobel (with Connie) and Rock of Ages to Wellington where both earned their Q scores we were aiming for, now baby Rock is qualified for region 3 Training level open regional finals!
This weekend we attended Twice as Nice dressage in Newberry with Wesley, Indigo and Del Tango, check out the schedule page for dteailed results. All who were trying for Q scores earned them, regionals 2014 is shaping up to be a busy one!!
Indigo not only earned his first scores towards qualifying for 1st AND 2nd level, he also is now good to go and compete in the freestyle at each level. His owner is busy working on the music selections while I try and make a choreography that fits this special boy :)

The season is starting!! We have been keeping pretty busy with shows and other things all fall, but December really marks the start of the 2014 show season..
This weekend we attended the Orlando Winter Classic with 4 horses. Connie rode Nobel to a nice 61% at 4-1 on Sunday earning her score for silver. Nobel gets to concentrate on his freestyle now and Connie will have to split her attention between him and the new guy "Sir Prize" who just joined the team at Crane Hill Farm, the two of them will make their debut sometime in 2014 and we can hardly wait to see what they will accomplish!
I rode Maks, after an easy summer, at 1st level and he scored 76.9% (!) which earned him a blue and a tri-color. Baby Rock tried his very best for a 71% and a 66%, two blue ribbons and reserve at training level. Savaroth sold just before the weekend and was entered for the show, the secretary let me swap to Wesley, whom since I'd only ridden him a few times before and he just had traveled from VT did the whole thing H/C but scored a respectable 66% on Sunday which would have won the class had we not decided to have it not count ... Ah well, hind sight is 20/20

The sales list has gained some fun new horses, please check them out and check back often as we are just getting to know them. More pictures, video and information will be added on a regular bases!

Ukon and Eline 4th level Freestyle champion region 3!
And also placed 6th in the 4th level open championship class.
What a weekend, with great friends and family! Cindy and Olivia flew down just to help me with the trip and to groom for me (I'm SO fortunate!) And my parents are visiting so they got to watch the whole thing as well. The weather was fabulous and the show grounds so pretty.
But, now we are home and I need to concentrate on the babies so they can follow in his foot steps! Dash and Rock both have a busy schedule for the next few months! Tiga is gearing up to do another 2nd level and Maks should soon be ready to move on up. Exciting times are coming :)

Gearing up for the season! I just updated the show schedule page, with only a few of the upcoming shows, more coming soon .. The barn is full, we have a lot of people visiting for lessons and to see the sales horses. It’s a fun group of horses that I’m proud to show off!
Ukon is rocking the shows again, he is the only horses I am planning to take to regionals in GA this year so that should be an easy schedule but exciting weekend.
Baby Rock -Rock of Ages-  is making his show debut this month, schooling at Longwood this weekend and hopefully a trip to WPB later on. He turned out to be the sweetest thing, always trying hard and happy to work. I am very excited to take him out and about!
Our pet project Dash RipRock has been a challenge to figure out, but he all of a sudden seems to have realized he is no longer on the track but in a dressage barn and totally embraced it. Pretty soon he’ll be ready for some pictures and video, and hopefully a forever home with his own person to love on him.
Fritz is probably the luckiest beast of the year, his new owner just adores him and they are doing well together. He gets to live in the perfect climate just north of here in a herd of spoiled horses.  

New pony in the house! "Rock of Ages" aka Rocky arrived last week after a long trip overseas, he is quietly settling in and has started light work. He is a handsome liver chestnut gelding by Rubinstein out of a Donnerhall mare and will be added to the sales list as soon as he is ready to be seen.
Mr. Calvin came along to Wellington last weekend to make his PSG debut at age 18, he rocked it winning his Sunday class and qualifying for regionals in one weekend (gotta love these two show weekends!) 

We've been laying low a bit with the EHV-1 scare in Ocala, it cancelled one show we had plaaned on attending, and made the schooling show this coming weekend seem like to much of a hassle to deal with just for some fun with the babies.. Bummer, but that's life!
Exiting news is that Ukon Rock's new owner has decided to come to the area and bring him along, so he is back home! The big dude is settling in well and went right back to work, I hope to compete him again the end of spring and continue his journey up the levels. He's chilled out and walked right back to his spot under the big oak in his pasture :)   Volcan headed north to be with his new family, Lloyd headed south to be in our sales program (he will be added to the sales list soon!)

Holy cow does time fly! Too much going on, but it looks like we are settling down a little bit now .. We decided to offer Rudy for sale, and of course that didn't last long before he went off to a great home in LA. Both my fun pinto's (Gracie and Rocky) also were sold, which is great but I sort of miss the colors! Decadance came along to watch the World Dressage Masters and to win both his T3 and 4yo test, and now he is moving south to start his life with a new owners.
All this means Freyja can come back from her hiatus and will be in full work starting Monday, hopefully she will be ready to show the end of March at the Heidelberg Cup in Orlando! Two more horses are planned to arrive in the next few weeks, I will post more as they settle in :)

Busy busy! Please check the the schedule page for the results of our horse shows so far this season! Romeo was a star the end of December and we had fun with Gracie and Rudy this weekend. Rudy made his FEI debut scoring mid 60's and winning a huge PSG class on Sunday :)
More news soon!

We are home from a busy and succesful show weekend in Jacksonville! The weather was amazing, and a lot of great people to catch up with!
Maks was ready to try 1st level, and did such a great job winning his first class with 71% which also earned him the reserve 1st level champion for the whole weekend. We brought Decadance along to try training level and to see what the judge would think of him, well, she loved him! A few baby glitches in the first test got us 65% and a 2nd place, the next day he was much more confident and scored 70% and a blue ribbon. That score was also the overall training level champion for the show, with a nice leather halter and a big ribbon prize!
Connie did a very nice job, just moved up to 4th level with Nobel she scored a very respectable 57% and 58%, while I was busy with the boys I couldn’t help her warm up or call her test .. Go Connie and Nobel!
Now alreay prepping and packing for this coming weekend, with two students new to rated dressage shows and 1 horse new to rated dressage shows it’s bound to be a fun and busy show at Clarcona Horse Park :)

November is here! With cold cold weather, wind and a lot of new horses 
We are welcoming Iceberg, a 16 year young Arab gelding that will be added to the sales list soon. He so far has managed to make me smile every time I ride him, and I can still not believe his trot! He will only go to an approved home and I am proud to take care of his training until we find that home. Truly a special boy! The next new horse is a girl, Sempresagio, who will also be added to the sales list shortly. She is registered Oldenburg and did very well at the breed inspections. Her black and white pinto colors make her a real show stopper and I can’t wait for the season to get going so I can compete with her!
Last but not least, Radetzky, he just arrived yesterday and we are all very excited to have him! KWPN, imported a while ago, he has been competing in CA and just recently made his way to FL. Depending on what life brings we might or might not ad him to the sales list, but I do know I will be competing him this season, and I am very excited to have a horse (almost) ready to go FEI again!!

Can’t help it, I have to brag about Romeo!
Sadly we had to scratch Regional finals, my qualified horse was sold and my student opted out since there were no RV hook ups and 5 days on a generator after a 9 hr drive seemed like an unreasonable inconvenience just for one show.. So, up to qualifying for next year, back to Conyers which we know and love!
So, since I was home we decided to bringRomeo to “Horse shows in the Park” at Longwood farms so he could strut his stuff. With all the rain they had to change the set-up from having a prefect warm up area to having the test on the nice footing and the warm up on a grassy hill. At 10AM that’s a slippery place to ride a 17HH 4 yrd old let me tell ya! But he was a trooper and tried very hard to understand how without a warm-up he was supposed to go in the scary indoor and do a test, still came away with a 62.5% and a blue. Than, after he was warmed up from the first test, he did very well at his T2 test a bit later. Nicely concentrated he scored a 70.7% for another blue!

So much has happened in so little time!
I think the main event was having to put Ukon Rock up for sale due to health issues of his owner, and of course it did not take long for him to find a new home. He is a great match for his new owner and her trainer, and we are hoping to see them at some shows this winter! Of course we will mis him and Zane a lot around the barn and at the shows, and we keep Zane in our thoughts as she struggles to stay as healthy as possible..
Besides him we also sold "Worth Avenue" even before I could take proper pictures and video!
After Decadance we added another young import to our sales list. Savaroth is a very talented young Westphalen gelding by the stallion Starnberg. He is loving life at the barn in Ocala at the moment getting ready for a photo shoot and hopefully some shows this winter season. The next new face on that sales list is Romeo, bred, raised and owned by Oakmont Sporthorses. Romeo is a 4 yr old Oldenburg gelding and stands about 17HH with a puppy dog personailty if there ever was one!
Student Connie W. and her horses Mr. Calvin and Nobel are getting geared up for region 3 finals at 2nd and 3rd level, I am just headed there to coach (and shop, our favorite Mobile Horse Supply is a vendor!!) this year as it is too much of a trip for the youngsters and Ukon was sold.
This weekend we have Ilse Schwarz coming for a clinic (Sunday/Monday, e-mail if you'd like the schedule) which might be the last one at Oak Lake, the waiting list is growing and with limited stalls and parking it seems smarter to move them to the Florida Horse Park, just down the road from us. More news about this later! 

Has it ever been a while since I've updated this page! Sorry!
Lots and lots has happened, to much to all sum up right here, but feel free to call and catch up :)
Most recently we've sold Picasso, twice! He earned his first new owner her bronze USDF and than moved on to a different AA and is teaching her the ropes of higher level dressage. They're having a great time together, and once it cools down they'll be competing with us on the FL circuit. GG also moved, she found the perfect home through Heidi Ericksen Dressage, a very nice group of people that I'm so glad to be able to call my friends..
A new horse came to the barn this week, Decadance (Hanoverian gelding by Dancier) and we have high hopes for him. Stay posted, I will soon ad a page for him with pictures and video!
I will try to be better at writing here ..

Happy new year!  After a quiet December and a nice holiday season with family we have now officially started Crazy January! A competition every weekend with the Dressage Masters the last week (only spectating there), leading in to "the season" that will keep me on my toes until the end of May.
The only reason I can keep up with this is with the wonderful team of people helping out, especially groom Olivia Savage!
It started out great with Picasso and I scoring a 65% on his first Prix St. George only 5 weeks after arriving at our barn. I cannot believe he isn't sold already but am enjoying every ride I get on him!
Nobel and Connie are working hard to get one last score for their bronze, meanwhile I am getting him ready for one more Intermediate 1 at the Gold Coast Opener before we really start aiming for the GP and gold medal .. How lucky am I ?!
Ukon succesfully moved up to 4th level scoring 65% and 66% at test 1 a few weeks ago, at home he has been doing very nice 4-tempis so he is debuting 4-2 next week here on our home turf the Florida Horse Park. FEI starting to be visible on the horizon (mind you, from up there you can see far far away ;) 

Lots of goings on!
A new jacket on the way from Mobile Horse Supply, check out all their colors and styles!
Brand new horse, Picasso, showed up on Friday and we are already having a blast with him. He is easy going around the barn, loves his turn out and will be body clipped this week. Picture day soon :)
Than we also just finished up a clinic weekend with Ilse Schwarz, very educational and motivating. She will be back in February, contact us soon if you'd like to ride.

Home from a very succesful weekend at the region 3 dressage championships!
Ukon Rocked the house taking home a champion and a reserve champion ribbon, and Nobel and I had a great second day and scored higher than ever at the I-1 which landed us on 7th place. That's a big purple ribbon, his fave color!
Now some rest, and than full steam ahead for the qualifying scores to take us too the 2012 regionals, with most horses moving up a level next month at the Gold Coast Fall Dressage  in Wellington FL! Can't wait!
In the mean time, take a minute to read this article on dressage-news.com!

We've been so busy over these hot summer months I haven't even had time to update the news.. So sorry!
The latest great news is that we are working closely with the Ocala Sanctuary with some of the horses, and 
Horses in full training are eligible for the incentive program provided by Eline Eckroth Dressage and The Ocala Sanctuary!
It has greatly helped Nobel move up too and be competitive at the I-1 level, Ukon Rock has also been lucky enough to be on a regular scedule.
Student Connie Wise has qualified herself for the region 3 AA First level finals with Mr. Calvin, and only needs one more Q score to do so with Better I Do It as well.
I have quite the list of horses getting ready for regionals, of course including Ukon and Nobel!
Hurricane Irene made me scratch Ukon for the weekend in Wellington, big bummer as we were also supposed to have lessons with one of our fave instructors :(
That is my last few months in a nutshell, more soon, I promise!

Home from a very wet show weekend!
On Saturday Branca was the only one of my horses to be lucky enough to not only start, but also complete all his rides!  Ukon started but thunder and crazy downpoors had me excusing ourselves about halfway in too the 3-2 test, and I just decided to scratch Nelis since warming up and getting to ride seemed impossible between the heavy storms.
Sunday brought better weather, a nice cool breeze and sunshine! The horses were great, complete results coming soon. Nelis managed to score a 63% at 1-3, splashing through the puddles! After lunch the arenas were much better and Branca took high score 1st level with a 69.6% and Ukon reserve high score 3rd with 65%
So, all in all, a good weekend for all ponies and happy we own a great washer and dryer :)

Nelis LSI received his second and final Q score for training level today! Next show he will be moving up to first level, to see if we can't qualify there too :)
Now I have to get busy getting me and Oliver ready for our first little schooling show together, to try and see if we are ready to compete at the Heidelberg Cup in a few weeks.

Just finished the first day of the "Sweethart Cup" in Apopka, tired but very happy. I am here with Mr. Calvin, Ukon Rock and Nelis LSI and all three of them put their best foot forward today! I will post complete scores on the scedule page after tomorrow is done and over with, but so far Ukon secured his first Q score at third level (and this is only his first time competing at that level!!), Mr. Calvin would have Q'd at both 2nd and 3rd level but no need since he not usually my horse to show and Nelis scored in the mid and high 60's with a blue and a red ribbon.
With some owners out of town and some busy at home it's more quiet than usual, but luckily Olivia came to the rescue and took care of my ponies today, I don't think their waters could have been cleaner or their bedding fluffier! She will be on photo duty tomorrow, so I should have some fun stuff to post on here :)

Home from a succesful weekend at Clarcona Horsepark! Check out the full results on the schedule page!
Ukon Rock is now Qualified for the 2011 2nd level regionals, and Riesen secured his forst Q score at training level with a 69% at his first rated show.
Nobel carried me to a 61.5% in my first PSG test, so I am pretty psyched and hoping I can continue on at FEI level this coming year.
All in all in was a good weekend with great company, meeting up with loads of friends and for the most part nice weather :) 

As usual the Orlando Dressage Show secretary did a great job and the show was relaxed and well organized!
And we shopped (maybe too much) at our number one tackstore, Mobile Horse Supply, the perfect place for Christmass presents (for yourself OR your friends :)

December came in with a vengeance, making me very happy all the youngsters are going steadily under saddle :) Poor Rainy Romance had to work in 30F this AM, she had nice energy!  Lateron that morning we shot a quick video of Carthago, which you can find on the botton of his page.
We had great lessons at Oak Lake in the afternoon, Ukon is definetaly ready for Clarcona next week!  I will also be riding Nobel and Riesen; Nobel new to me and Riesen new to showing, it will be an exciting weekend.
Yesterday we welcomed Nelis LSI too Oak Lake, a 6 yr old Friesian gelding who will be offered for sale. He is a super sweetheart and I look forward to working with him. He will have his own page on the sales list as soon as we get some pictures and video.

Quick show update, Riesen was an angel! He scored 69% at his first dressage test ever, training2, and with it
he got a second place, and reserve champion ribbon :)  
He also scored 62% in his 1-1 test, even though he was a bit tired by that time, he was still trying hard! The deep footing 
got the best of him a bit and there were some unbalanced moments, but another second place and that nice score
is still a great accomplishment for such a young guy. 

I'm having so much fun with the babies these days!
2 are in the middle of being broke to saddle, and are coming along nice. Very rewarding work with easy to 
see improvements every day!
Riesen, a 3 yr old, will be going to his first little schooling show this weekend, exciting and I am curious to see
if is true self will shine in front of the judge.
Maddy just showed up last week and is settling in very easy at Oak Lake, she adores Ukon (how could she not?)
and is picking up work good. For a 3 yr old she is super sweet and interrested in life, a great attitude to start more
serious work. Besides a dressage career she would also be suited for a hunter rider!

Fifth place
for Ukon and Eline at the 1st level open Region 3 finals :)
Also, the next day he secured his first qualifying score at 2-4 with a 67%, and than went on to score 70% at 2-2.
So, needles to say, we are very happy and motivated to go in to the next competition year!

I just added two exciting new geldings to my sales list, more information and pictures/videos are in the works.
Both are 3, coming 4 yrs old and going steady under saddle. Very honest and reliable!
Riesen and Carthago will be offered for sale, and I am planning some little shows for them this winter, if they haven't found a new home before I get a chance to enter them!

Finalizing plans for the first Plumwood Dressage clinic in Altoona, FL!
September 25th under a covered arena, auditors welcome.
Check out their flyer for more information on prices and signing up ..

With the new barn just about finished at Oak Lake Farm in the Village we can now accept a select few new boarders / training horses there.
Please contact for information and prices, their website will be online soon and a link will be posted here.
It is a very pretty quiet horse farm with a regulation size well maintained dressage arena, a round pen and some trails.
They offer great care for your horse and large turn-outs.

Eline and Ukon Rock now have their qualifying scores for the Regionals at First Level!
Atlanta here we come :)  Hopefully we can work out all the logostics and have a good time.
This will be the first for both of us but I know there'll be many more to come..